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Catalyst Pilot Testing

ILYA offers pilot plant testing to assist in selecting the most appropriate catalysts for the customers’ feed stocks, processing conditions and objectives.
The tests perform condition to ensure selecting the best catalyst out of a group of very similar catalysts. The tests are characterized by a very good repeatability.

Why work with Ilya pilot?


We are responsible of our own safety and that of others

Flexibility Independence & integrity

Honesty is our highest priority in everything that we do


The results will be available in the shortest time

Clear intellectual property arrangements

We are confident in protecting the intellectual property of your product


You can exactly scale up our output results to similar industrial process

High quality data

We created a novel and advanced testing systems with valid and correct outputs

ILYA’s Technology Platform

ILYA provides CCR, SR and cyclic catalytic reforming testing with real feed, real catalysts and under real process conditions.

Key features
  • Active liquid distribution
  • Active pressure control
  • Online GC analysis
  • Flexible treatment for wide range of catalyst
Operating modes
  • Isothermal temperature profiling
  • Iso-RON
Flexible parameters
  • Feed type
  • LHSV
  • H2/HC
  • Pressure
  • Temperature

Sample Result

The test program consists of testing system in three steps: startup, main test, and shutdown. After the program starts up and reaches the steady state, each three hours reformate samples are injected to GC which are identified by the code S1 to S15, respectively. S1 to S15 are representative of a complete cycle of catalyst in real industrial process.

After taking the last sample (S15), the shutdown process is performed according to the program; in this point the catalyst is deactivated and need to be regenerated.

Ilya perform regeneration and coke burning process of naphtha reforming catalyst and finally catalyst will be regenerated and ready to use in repeated test cycle. By do these steps and investigations of the output results, customers will understand the catalyst long term activity and stability.

So the Ilya pilot test provides conditions that every customer will be able to find out its catalyst performance in terms of operating and industrial scale clearly, accurately and with lowest risk and cost to make the best choice.

At the end, the results of the tests will be reported separately from each sample by accurately specifying the percentage and type of hydrocarbons.

Sample Result
Sample Result

The figure relates to the test of naphtha reforming catalyst, which shows exactly the weight percent of Paraffns (P), I-Paraffns (I), Olefns (O), Napthenes (N), Aromatics (A), Benzene (B), Toluene (T), M-Xylene (M-X), P-Xylene (P-X), O-Xylene (O-X), the hydrocarbons higher than three carbons and five carbons in 15 samples of each product.


This diagram relates to the test of three different catalyst types that the AR701 (Axens), IR139A and IR139B (Ilya), which shows the total weight percentage of the aromatic produced in 15 samples of each product.

C+5 Yield
C+5 Yield

The figure relates to the test of three different catalyst types that the AR701 (Axens), IR139A and IR139B (Ilya), which shows the weight percent of refined produced on the basis of five carbons and more in 15 samples of each product.


This diagram relates to the test of three different catalyst types that the AR701 (Axens), IR139A and IR139B (Ilya), which shows clearly the octane number of 15 samples of each product.