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Realizing Innovative Ideas in the Field of Nanotechnology

nanotechnology-the mainpulation of matter on molecular level-to shape the future of a wide variety of industries.. catalyst, electronics and health care ae a few major areas where it can make impact. thus, it is reasonable to expect that the explosion in new developments in nanotechnology would have a significant impact on the understanding, practice and applications of catalysts.

To catalize economic goals by revolutionary power of nanotechnology

Emulsified Fuel

That adding water to the fuel dramatically sinks both soot emissions and nitrogen oxide emis sions from diesel engines has been scientifically proven and recognized for some time New nano emulsion of fossil fuels as revolutionary products are breakthrough in the fields of fuel economy and environmental protection.

Ilya science and technology Co. by simultaneous use of nanotechnology and emulsion stability methods has developed new water and diesel fuel emulsion. This product is going to be finalize and pass test to complete commercialization.

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Application areas of emulisified fuel:

  • diesel generators
  • locomotives
  • Off-road and On-road diesel vehicles
  • seagoing vessels and ships
  • construction machines

ODH Process Licensing

In the new century, Propylene demand grew in a way that process designers tended to direct propylene production. So, technology development of direct propylene production has been taken into consideration.

Oxidative dehydrogenation of light olefins as a new era in chemical processes has been highlighted among process technology developers. Although catalyst yield and selectivity in production of propylene and ethylene known as technology gap and postpones commercialization of ODH process.

Ilya science and technology development Co. started R&D activities on ODH catalyst and process licensing. nowadays ilya's nano ODH catalyst meet technical goals, therefore economical process licensing of ODH is going to be in reality.

License development of The ODH process is a step-by-step project that begin with optimizing the performance of the catalyst in the pilot test and will finalize with the design of the reactor and the semi-industrial production unit.

Ilya ODH process advantages:

  • Reduces operation cost because of lower energy consumption
  • Reduces cocking in rich oxygen condition
  • simple reactor design
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Nano Fluid

Nanofluids have novel properties that make them potentially useful in many applications in heat transfer, including microelectronics, fuel cells, pharmaceutical processes, and hybrid-powered engines, engine cooling/vehicle thermal management, domestic refrigerator, chiller, heat exchanger, in grinding, machining and in boiler flue gas temperature reduction. They exhibit enhanced thermal conductivity and the convective heat transfer coefficient compared to the base fluid.

Energy saving goals of industrial heat exchanger will be achieved by this new nano fluids. Ilya science and technology focus on technology development of modern nanofluid which has been applied in various heat exchangers to reduce energy and maintenance costs. this nano fuel has high efficiency and reasonable price in comparsion with is energy saving benefits.

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