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IFA133 reduces diesel fuel consumption 7% to 18% according to driving pattern, fuel quality and the type of engine beside reducing pollutants emission. The cost-effectiveness of reducing fuel consumption in a variety of vehicles and at various fuel prices is likely to encourage diesel consumers to use the IFA133.

Mechanism of

IFA133 is, in fact, a stable emulsion of particles in nano-scale, which utilizes the capacity for carrying oxygen of nanoparticles and timely release of oxygen in the combustion chamber, completing burning process of diesel.

So, by increasing the number of nanoparticles in the combustion chamber to optimum level, maximum benefits will appear.

Following ways are Ilya suggestions to meet maximum benefits of IFA133:

  • Increasing treatment ratio from 1:1000 to 2:1000; in such a situation IFA133 impact on fuel consumption and pollutants emission will appear quickly.
  • By passing two months of continuous additive usage in standard 1:1000 ratio. As a result, maximum additive impact will become evident.


IFA133 simple mixing to diesel fuel by ratio 1:1000 give the message that IFA133 application will not need to any infrastructure and easily be applied in all diesel consuming technology. All type of diesel consumers including “household and commercial building heating burners”, “diesel generators”,

“ships and boats”, “locomotives”, “road and non-road vehicles”, “construction machines”, “power plants” and etc. can use IFA133 as a profitable additive to meet pollutants emission reduction and fuel economy goals.

Fuel saving

Fuel price is the key determinant in consumption reduction or control technology development, Therefore, in assessing the impact of each technology on reducing consumption, the matter of price should be taken into consideration. IFA133 nano additive reduces diesel consumption by 7 to 18 percent. Factors such as engine type and life, short or long-term use of the additive, fuel quality and engine power output influence on IFA133 effect on Consumption reduction and pollutants emission.

Engine Cleaner

The IFA133 is, in fact, an additive based on the catalytic release of oxygen that can provide oxygen at the lower temperature of the combustion chamber to burn hydrocarbon deposits. Consequently, without increasing the combustion temperature of the engine, the sediment will be removed and re-burned.

IFA133 as a diesel additive to improve environment quality

Carbon Monoxide
Unburned Hydrocarbons

IFA133 as a simple used fuel additive can solve the episode problem. It avoid occurrence and break down episode. On the other hand, IFA133 cause pollutants concentration reduction by passing some days and convert polluted and heavy polluted days to good or clean days. Also Moderately polluted days affect by IFA133 and change to good or clean days.

IFA133 reduces fuel consumption between 7 to 18%, depending on the engine type and pattern of using the engine.

220 Litre
diesel Fuel
220 cc
Nano Additive
diesel Fuel
with IFA133

IFA133 improves the performance conditions and increases life time of the engine by removing the harmful deposits sticking to engine walls and helping them to re-burn.

No negative effect on the quality of fuel and combustion process